Attorney General opens investigation into gas gouging


(WKTV) - After complains from Central New York consumers, State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced Thursday he is opening an investigation into price gouging for gas.

Gouging happens when a gas station charges way above a fair or reasonable market value, and in some cases it can be considered criminal. The national average for gas is $3.55. In New York State, the average price is nineteen cents higher, at $3.74 per gallon. Empty gas stations may be the reflection of a gas station whose prices soar sky high.

Schneiderman says he does not know if there is wrongdoing behind the price spikes, but he's going to find out. He said, "We know this is happening in Central New York and all over, and our goal is not just to catch the people doing it, but also to let the industry know, we are watching you."

The goal of the study is to find out if the price jumps are a result of volatile market conditions or simply unjustified price increases. But until the study is complete, buyer beware.

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