Chobani expanding operations at South Edmeston facility

By WKTV News

SOUTH EDMESTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - There's good economic news from South Edmeston, where an expansion project is breathing new life into an old manufacturing plant.

There's something about Chobani Yogurt that people like because business is booming and demand is up, so much so that 100 new jobs are coming to the plant.

Chobani is the number one selling yogurt in the northeast and it's only been around since 2007. Every week 500,000 cases of yogurt leave this plant but after the next expansion phase 1.4 million cases will be exiting the building. The company is spending $100 million for expansion plans to keep up with demand. That means more jobs and more milk, a lot more milk. 25 million pounds a week will be used at the South Edmeston facility. The CEO of AgroFarma the parent company of Chobani, says he can use all the local milk he can get.

It's estimated the economic impact of this project will be $500 million in just the first year alone.

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