Education cuts could cause elementary school to close

By WKTV News

FRANKFORT, N.Y.(WKTV) - West Frankfort Elementary could be forced to close to offset loss of state funding.

Frankfort-Schuyler Central Schools Superintendent Robert Reina says the state cut 7.42 percent of the district's operating budget, which equates to 1.3 million dollars.

Reina says the school board has come up with a number of options In order to make up for that deficit. One option is to keep everything as is and raise school taxes by more than 31 percent.

Other options include cutting programs like art, music, summer school, even sports, but even in doing that, there would still be a sizable tax increase.

The option that is getting the most feedback so far, is the possible closure of West Frankfort Elementary, School which obviously would save a lot of operating costs, but also eliminate some positions, saving a lot of money.

Reina says he has been fielding numerous calls from parents since the information regarding the options was released on Tuesday.

The school board has asked Reina and other district officials for more data regarding each option. That information is expected to be ready in time for a March 22nd board meeting. A budget is supposed to be in place by April 12th.

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