FDIC Official and Utica College alum returns to speak with grad students

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Graduate students at Utica College looking into the banking industry and potential career opportunities got to hear some words of wisdom from one of the FDIC's top dogs on Monday morning.

Dr. David Weber is Chief of the organization's Enforcement Unit, and is responsible for all enforcement and investigations involving state-chartered banks and reviewing large scale bank failures.

George Curtis, Professor of Criminal Justice at Utica College, says there have been many such failures that have kept him busy.

"This is an especially huge problem because much of the data is the personal information of customers, and the data is totally unencrypted," Curtis said. "That poses a huge problem for identity theft."

Prior to joining the FDIC, Weber also worked in the office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Treasury Department.

Weber is a Utica College class of 1995 graduate and currently supervises a staff of attorneys, paralegals, investigators and bank examiners in Washington, DC, and oversees the enforcement work of five regional offices of the FDIC in Dallas, Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis and San Francisco.

He also serves as the lead faculty member and adjunct associate professor at the University of Maryland's Fraud and Forensic Investigations certificate program.

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