Governor Cuomo launches a Grant Program for a greener Mohawk Valley


Governor Cuomo launched a new grant program for a cleaner and greener Mohawk Valley.

The governor hopes his investments in multiple projects will Improve energy efficiency, add green jobs for New Yorkers and reduce greenhouse gas. He also hopes to reduce pollution.

The plan addresses transportation, land use and livable communities, waste management, water management, economic development and agriculture and forestry.

Paul MacEnroe, President of Mohawk Valley Applied Technology Corporation said this initiative is a smart one and that technology can always be used to make our communities greener.

"There are new technologies available that help companies grow, lower there cost and reduce green house gases... that's part of sustainable development."

MacEnroe also gave an example of sustainable development.

"One of the best examples of it is if you take a look at Saranac Brewery . They put in a digester, they use to pay to get rid of waste and have it treated but now they are tracking every drop of value out of that waste and its paying them."

The digester is said to get the water 85 percent cleaner before entering the sewer system.

The program will implement 30 million dollars for the first round of funding and was funded under the governors "cleaner Greener Communities Program."

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