Is The Hook up for sale to make way for donut shop?


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Richard Zdyb has been in the restaurant business in Central New York for decades.

One of his long standing staples has been the Hook Line & Sinker on Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford.

On Monday, Zdyb confirmed that he may be selling the restaurant everyone around the area calls "The Hook." Zdyb, who now spends his summers on Long Island and his winters in Florida, says a sale is pending, but wouldn't comment on who may be buying it.

Zdyb says if the sale does go through, "The Hook" will remain open until November.

We also learned on Monday that the property where Dunkin Donuts now sits, which is just two doors down from the Hook Line & Sinker on Seneca Turnpike, was sold back in January.

It was sold to the owners of "Dippin' Donuts" out of Rome.

The owner of Dippin' Donuts tells WKTV the lease to Dunkin Donuts runs out in December, and Dippin' Donuts will open a location there as soon as Dunkin Donuts is out, and they have time to renovate.

So, the question now is - is Dunkin Donuts buying the Hook Line & Sinker and moving two doors down?

When we asked Richard Zdyb, he said "no comment".

Calls to Dunkin' Donuts corporate office were not returned.

When asked if "The Hook" did sell, would he re-open it in the area? Zdyb says "not in this state". He says the business climate for a small business owner in New York State is just too tough right now with all of the taxes.

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