Jobseekers hope to find work with largest company in Utica

By Hilary Lane

UTICA Downtown Utica's largest employer held a job fair at City Hall Tuesday to help put local residents back to work.

APAC representatives met with hundreds of people with all different educational and skill levels, backgrounds, and interests hoping to find suitable candidates to fill close to 200 customer service positions.

Many residents in attendance were hoping to be the perfect fit.

"I am just trying to get a job," said Jimmy Riccardi of Whitesboro. "Make money and get out of my house and move on and live on my own."

However, Riccardi, who is currently unemployed with a college degree, is having a very tough time finding work.

"It's really difficult because there aren't many jobs around this area." said Riccardi. "There are a lot of jobs but you need experience. Well, I am right out of college."

Some residents who attended the job fair are currently employed, but others have jobs and are looking for something with better pay for a better life for themselves and their families.

"I actually taught college in New York City but right now I am cleaning toilets in a retail establishment when I get in in the morning and then I go do cash and answer the phones," said Catherine Nikodem of Utica. "I am happy to have a job but I want more for a daughter."

APAC representatives said they will choose candidates from the job fair to bring to their headquarters for an assessment. They will be making hiring decisions within the next few weeks.

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