Local vets have trouble finding jobs, MVCC event aims to help

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - 23-year-old Shane Foley was one of the veterans looking for a job at the "Hire Our Heroes" event at Mohawk Valley Community College Tuesday.

He is a high school graduate and all of his work experience revolves around his time in the marine crop where he served in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2007- 2012.

Now that he has transitioned into civilian life, his biggest stressor is finding a decent paying job.

" I didn't think it would take this long to find a job," said Foley. "You think how pro-military the US has become. It shouldn't be that hard for me to find some kind of employment, but I have been turned down everywhere I go."

Foley's only work experience is his time in the marine corp where he worked as a tank mechanic.

"When you go into the military straight out of high school, you have no college experience, no higher education, you just have what the military has taught you," said Foley. "So when you go out into the civilian world, it doesn't really go along with what employers are looking for."

Foley has applied to dozens of jobs but has been told he is underqualified or his skillset is not a match.

For now, he will continue to make do on his umeployment check, hoping someone gives him a chance soon.

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