Meat processing plant in New York Mills to close, 58 given layoff notices

By WKTV News

NEW YORK MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Nearly sixty people will be out of work after a meat processing plant in New York Mills closing down, citing economic reasons.

The employees of Delft Blue were given a 90 day layoff notice on Thursday.

Plant Manager John Gorea says the closure will affect 58 workers when the doors close for good on March 6.

However, Gorea says their may be a silver lining in the situation, as there is another company set to come in, which could mean some of the workers could be re-hired. Details of that possibility are not yet known as of this writing.

Delft Blue processes veal, pork and beef into various cuts of meat for distribution centers. There are three other plants in Canada, but the New York Mills location is the only one set to close.

According to the New York State Labor Department, the reason for the closure is the economy.

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