Microbrews scoring a touchdown for Super Bowl


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - With the Super Bowl just days away many people are busy preparing, making food and getting a game favorite, beer. Beverage stores are seeing a new popular choice for buyers, craft beers.

Just two days before the Super Bowl, beverage stores like Marcy's Discount Beverage were busy with people stocking up before the big game.

"I mean like this time of year it's definitely busier for us it's like a nice warm weekend for us only in February," said co-owner Ron Martel.

Martel says he brings his inventory up a third for the big football weekend preparing for people to stock their fridges for the parties.

"Everything is more, people splurge a little more, they buy some of the better beers it's only a one day event," said Martel. "So it's not something that they just average, they go above that."

Beverage stores are finding while people are picking up their standard beers they're also trying something new for them and their guests, microbrews like Banana Bread Beer and Loopy.

"Craft beer right now is probably the fastest growing segment in the beer industry," said Martel. "And people have just upgraded to try something a little bit better a little bit different."

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