Officials optimistic about the future of Remington in Ilion


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Remington Arms leadership has been quiet since the state of New York passed new, stricter gun control laws back in January.

However, the company’s general counsel, vice president for government and legislative affairs and the Ilion plant manager met with local state lawmakers in Albany on Wednesday.

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney came away from the meeting pretty encouraged.

“I have to say, they did say the workforce in Ilion is second to none, they're fantastic and they're doing a great job and they really want to stay here,” said Assemblymwoman Tenney.

She also was encouraged by the fact that the company is investing $20 million in upgrades at the Ilion plant.

"The fact that they're investing money in Ilion only makes it look a little better, I think, for us," said Ilion Mayor John Stephens.

Not so encouraging for local leaders and the thousands of people who depend on Remington Arms for a paycheck is the fact that several, more gun-friendly states are courting Remington. Tenney says the company talked about that, Wednesday, as well.

“They were honest with us about some of the offers they've received from other states, including a recent meeting with their CEO with Governor Rick Perry,” Assemblywoman Tenney said.

Texas Governor Rick Perry on March 4 tweeted a picture of himself, wearing a Remington Arms shirt, posing, smiling, with the CEO of Remington Arms/Freedom Group. Texas is one of several states NEWSChannel 2 reported in January was courting the nearly 200-year-old gunmaker.

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