Orion Bus employees negotiating the future


ORISKANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - A news tip came into NEWSChannel 2 stating Orion Bus employees were told if they do not support a three-day-a-week work week, there will be "mass layoffs" at the company.

A spokesman for Orion's parent company, Daimler Buses North America, did not address the claim, but hint that there may be some kind of downsizing in the near future.

Both sides, the union and the parent company, have confirmed that they are in contract negotiations. The current contract runs out at the end of August, said Bryan Allen, Marketing & Corporation Communication Manager for Daimler Buses North America.

While at Orion Bus in Oriskany on Wednesday, one employee on break told our news crew that they are hearing three-day work weeks are part of the negotiations. Other employees asked our crew "what was going on," saying only "you know what we know."

Bryan Allen tells NEWSChannel 2 that the parent company has notified the local employees at Orion Bus that there has been a decrease in transit orders already for next year.

"Production orders for next year are down industry wide," Allen said. "We are looking at a plan that impacts the least amount of people. We are working closely with the union to jointly develop such a plan."

A union employee NEWSChannel 2 talked with on Wednesday said negotiations have been on going for weeks. However, they did not release any specific details about those negotiations.

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