Spring cleaning for cash


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - With the spring weather, comes spring cleaning. Many buyers and sellers are taking advantage of some local stores offering cash for goods.

Plato's Closet in New Hartford opened on March 14th, since then, owners said they've been busy everyday, people looking to get cash in exchange for their gently worn clothing and accessories they're not wearing anymore, or have even never worn.

"I mean your typical lady these days they'll go shopping and they'll find five things they want and hang them in their closet and then three or four of them still have tags on them months later and they end up just not wanting to wear them," said Jeremy Godfrey, owner of Plato's Closet in New Hartford.

Godfrey says the re-sale store accepts gently worn clothing in good condition, selling things at about 50 to 70 % off the retail prices at which point customers get 30 to 40 % cash on the spot.

Other consignment shops let you turn in furniture or even old sports equipment as at Play It Again Sports in New Hartford.

"With this kind of economy ... most people want to see any alternative to get a used one rather than a new," said Frank Yeh, manager at Play It Again Sports.

The sports equipment store allows you to trade in used sports equipment for cash or other equipment, what Yeh says is a great way for people to economically try out a sport.

"This is the way to go because they can try it out and if they don't like it they can sell back or trade in for a better," said Yeh.

Both Plato's Closet and Play It Again Sports say they accept sellers goods for all seasons all year long.

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