Utica Coffee Roasting and Casa imports announce distribution deal

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Coffee Roasting announced that it has signed a distribution deal with Casa Imports. Through the deal, Utica Coffee will provide coffee products to Casa’s 3,000

Casa will now carry all of the Utica Coffee product line which includes over 35 flavored coffees, specialty blends, and single origin specialty coffee.

Frank Elias, president of Utica Coffee Roasting, said, “Casa’s effort to source local producers into stores, restaurants, and specialty shops in meaningful ways is progressive and clearly shows Casa’s strategic link between local producers and local consumers. This is a good news story for our business, but also several other local businesses who are suppliers and customers of both Casa and Utica Coffee. Casa’s decision to source local has a great impact on the communities they serve. The trickle down is a big story.”

Mike Fornino, Casa’s coordinator of this relationship said, “Our commitment to quality and the businesses we serve are highlighted here in this relationship with Utica Coffee Roasting.”

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