Cash mobs highlight Small Business Week in Mohawk Valley

By NEWSchannel 2 Staff

Small Business Week is underway and the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce is celebrating with what's called "cash mobs."

A large group of people storms a store, spending $10 each and boosting sales instantly.

As of Monday, the mobs had already hit Chanatry's and on Tuesday, the New Hartford Shopping Center will be hit and on Wednesday the mob will be at the Oneida County Public Market at Union Station for a Chamber Cash Mob reception where local vendors will prepare refreshments and offer samples.

Black and red balloons indicate the stores that are participating.

Pamela Matt, Executive Director of the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce, says anyone can get involved and these mobs are not a one time deal, but will soon become monthly events.

"The Chamber Cash Mob is hoping to support and buy local going forward once a month," Matt said. "And if we are lucky, we can really mob the heck out of a lot of small businesses."

You can find out more information on the Chamber's Facebook, Twitter page and website.

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