Deadline to file taxes is midnight

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

The clock is ticking to get your 2012 income tax returns filed to the IRS.

The deadline is midnight on Monday, April 15 to get your forms in the mail and this year, roughly 94 million Americans have already submitted their tax forms. It is estimated that 90 percent of Americans filed theirs electronically this year.

If you aren't quite ready to file, you can get a six month extension, but you still have to estimate what your payment is and pay that amount with your extension.

Those who haven't filed yet were taking advantage of some last minute help in the basement of Utica City Hall on Monday morning, where volunteers from AARP worked the final hours, helping filers beat the midnight deadline. AARP volunteers say while there was a lot of confusion early on due to the delays in forms from the IRS and the changes in the tax laws, in the end, things turned out to be a pretty calm year.

"The legislators couldn't make up their minds until the very last minute and it took the IRS a while to get the regulations organized and computer programs operating so they could accept that information," said Earl Deckman, an AARP Volunteer.

The AARP has been helping people with their tax filings for more than 25 years, and this year they say they've helped roughly 1,200 people get their paperwork in order.

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