Dr. Uniforms returns to Herkimer with second location


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - A business has returned to the Village of Herkimer after being away for a decade.

Dr. Uniforms, which has a location on Oriskany Street in Utica, has now opened a second location in the EFK Plaza on East State Street in Herkimer.

Owners Anthony and Lisa Sementilli opened the store in Herkimer 16 years ago on Monday. The store eventually closed and moved to the City of Utica, but now they have returned to fill a need in their hometown.

"Come full circle, come back down again," said Anthony Sementilli, owner. "We live here. This is where our hometown is. This is where we wanna' kinda' focus ourselves, as well as Utica."

The Herkimer location is now open for business and sells uniforms for medical professionals as well as food service and security.

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