Frankfort Mayor: Potential buyer of Union Fork & Hoe site still interested


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - In its sixth year of vacancy, the Union Fork & Hoe site in Frankfort was about to morph into something else as officials say there is a potential tenant, very interested in the property.

Frankfort Mayor Frank Moracco has yet to reveal the prospective tenant's identity, but says they're aware of the fire, have been in constant communication with the village and are still interested.

"Absolutely. We were in contact with him yesterday via email and he's finishing up the property down here that he's looking to purchase, as well, and I guess the paperwork went out yesterday to the people that own that property so he's still interested," said Mayor Moracco.

The mayor says, if anything, the fire could speed up the process of getting the new tenant on the site as the buildings will now come down sooner than expected.

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