Gathering in Utica marks the anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid start


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - 47 years ago Thursday, Medicare and Medicaid went into effect.

To mark the anniversary, local senior citizens and handicapped residents in the City of Utica gathered at the Resource Center for Independent Living to discuss how the programs have helped them access the medical care they need.

The group also wrote a letter to Congressman Richard Hanna encouraging him to continue supporting both programs, especially now that proposed cuts are on the table.

"The majority of our medical care is provided by Medicare at 65 and post-65 and many people would not have the affordability or possibility to have this type of medical service without the Medicare program," said Margaret Corbett, who uses Medicare.

The program supporters even sang "Happy Birthday" to Medicare and Medicaid and enjoyed cake in honor of the programs.

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