High school students get a dose of reality with "Game of Life"

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local high school students got a rude awakening Wednesday with a real-life "Game of Life."

Called "Reality Store," students at Proctor High School took part in the real life simulation at Mohawk Valley Community College on finances, getting paid, families, and every daycosts of life.

It turns out that most of the students never took into consideration how much taxes, daycare, insurances, student loans and something as basic as food might cost.

"I think they're going to all go home today with a newfound appreciation for what their parents are doing for them, and put in perspective that things are not free, life is not free, and this is part of the reason they want to work hard, get good grades, get scholarships and make a decent living," said Nutritionist Kim Thompson, who was helping organize the event with the Mohawk Valley Chapter of New York State Women, INc.

Other schools can take part in "Reality Store" and can contact the Mohawk Valley Chapter of New York State Women, Inc by visiting their website at:

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