Non-profit to assist local manufacturing businesses


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The president of SUNYIT, joined by other local and state lawmakers, announced Friday the creation of a non-profit organization to offer assistance to manufacturing businesses in the area.

The Center for Global Advanced Manufacturing will tap into resources at the college to offer research and development aid, workforce education and training, and technology assistance for manufacturers in the community.

The idea is to help these companies get off the ground, expand, and create jobs in the area.

"Small and medium size manufacturers can't grow quickly because they are under-resourced," said Dr. Wolf Yeigh, President of SUNYIT. "The software, the tools they need to prototype are very expensive and they can't have access to them. So they are held back. "

The non-profit organization will be funded by federal and state grants as well as private funding.

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