Whitestown Police Budget set for $335,000

By WKTV News

WHITESTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - It may not exactly be what the Whitestown Police Department wanted, but it's better than originally suggested.

The Whitestown Town Board met Monday night to discuss the 2013 Police Department budget, which will be very reminiscent of the previous year's budget.

Originally, the Town Supervisor proposed a $300,000 budget for the police department, which equates to about $35,000 less than last year. However, after much discussion with board members, as well as public hearings, it was decided to bring funding back to current levels, which stands at about $335,000.

"I think we could have kept the five shifts at the $300,000 level, but just to make everyone feel more comfortable we raised it to the 2012 level," said Town Supervisor Charles R. Gibbs.

"We've increased our calls for services and a lot of things that we do, but we'll live with what we got," said Police Chief Donald Wolanin. "The 2012 budget is probably workable."

The police department is still down one officer due to a transfer and now they department has to decide if they want to fill that position with a full time employee or with a few part-time cops.

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