Congressman Hanna: up to 70 new jobs coming to DFAS

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Congressman Richard Hanna announced Wednesday that up to 70 new jobs are headed to the Defense and Accounting Service in Rome.

Hanna said that after a study, DFAS determined it could streamline DFAS Travel Pay operations from three locations - Rome, Indianapolis and Columbus - to one site in Rome to improve processes and generate savings for the agency.

Two operations will be moved to Rome: the Civilian PCS travel pay function in Columbus, OH and the contracted Call Center function in Indianapolis.

Hanna said that the movement of the government positions will boost employment to approximately 1,200 at DFAS in Rome.

The movement is expected to occur in two phases, the first of which is for the Indianapolis transition of work that will occur in October 2011.

Following that, the implementation and transfer of the DFAS Columbus workload is scheduled to begin in March 2012.

"This is great news for Upstate New York," Congressman Hanna said. "My congressional office is fully committed to growing DFAS and all the federal agencies in Rome, in conjunction with the many private sector businesses there. We should be very cognizant of looking for opportunities to continue to expand and capitalize on the work going on there."

In January, Hanna appointed former state Senator Ray Meier to act as a liaison between all the federal agencies in Rome to facilitate continued growth between the public and private sectors.

Also in January, at a Rome Chamber of Commerce event, Hanna said that fostering economic growth and strengthening the federal agencies in Rome was a top priority.

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