County Board votes to place Otsego Manor up for sale

By WKTV News

OTSEGO, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Otsego County Board of Representatives has voted to sell the debt-plagued nursing home, Otsego Manor.

The resolution was adopted by the County Board on Wednesday, September 5, with 12 members voting yes, 1 member voting no and 1 member being absent.

According to the adopted resolution, the county has in recent years faced an increasing deficit with respect to funding of the Otsego Manor, located in the Town of Otsego. The deficit is expected to be roughly $6 million in 2012, and the County Board of Representatives says that a large part of the financial woes stem from continuing reductions in reimbursements rates from the Medicaid and Medicare program along with the increasing costs of operation.

In order for Otsego Manor to continue, the Board of Representatives stated they believe privatization is necessary because the county can no longer sustain the increasing deficits. With that in mind, the board voted Wednesday to sell the property to the highest bidder. The bidder is required to meet criteria set by the County including, but not limited to, a history of excellent resident care, financial viability and the ability to meet New York State requirements.

"Otsego County is mindful of the impact of this decision on the residents of Otsego Manor, employees and relatives, and wishes to take into consideration the effect of this decision on all involved and wishes to follow an open and deliberative process for the sale of Otsego Manor," the resolution states. "Professional services are necessary to develop the criteria for potential buyers and to assist with the evaluation of potential offers to purchase."

With that in mind, the board stated it determined that the property is no longer necessary for public use and authorized its sale to the highest responsible buyer meeting the County's criteria, subject to the County's right to reject any and all bids. The resolution also authorizes the Chairman of the Board to obtain proposals for professional services to assist with the development of criteria for sale of Otsego Manor, to establish criteria and a process for evaluation of potential buyers; and other needed services.

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