Travel up for Labor Day weekend, despite record high gas prices


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - AAA expects 2.9% more people to travel this holiday weekend compared to Labor Day last year, despite this holiday's record high gas prices.

AAA reported the average gas price in Utica and Rome Friday as $3.98, over 30 cents more than a year ago. Why are people still traveling? Many consider it their last weekend of the summer.

"It takes a bite out of the wallet, but we planned for this, we escape for a vacation, this is our little vacation," said Kelly Greco of Schenectady.

The higher prices not deterring travelers like Greco, headed with his boat to Lake Ontario. Like many motorists, he's sticking with his vacation plans and cutting back in where he stays or eats, to offset the price at the pump.

"We may go out to eat, but usually the boat takes precedent," said Greco. "We're going salmon fishing so we'll be out on the lake most of the day."

If you are traveling, don't be surprised if gas prices go up even more, AAA expects the New York state average to hit $4 as early as Saturday.

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