Yorkville residents fear loss of identity in police department vote, Mayor fears increase in taxes, cuts to services if voted down


YORKVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The line of voters wanting to make their voices heard on the dissolution of the Yorkville Police Department formed outside the village offices before the polls opened at noon on Tuesday.

At noon, there was a line inside the door. Before that, voters were barraged with signs on lawns throughout the village. Among those standing in line, waiting to vote was Betty Mazurowski.

"I had an incident here in September when my husband's hip went out in the shower," Mazurowski said. "And who's the first person who showed up? Yorkville Police."

Mazurowski is voting against the proposal to dissolve the Yorkville Police Department into the Oneida County Sheriff's Department.

"They know us by name, they know our situations," she said. "We know them, they know're going to lose our identity and I don't want to lose our identity. This is our little village."

Village Mayor Anthony Leone Jr says that, in light of the recent two percent property tax cap and the absence of a population explosion in the village, it is becoming more and more challenging to find revenue sources and ensure the financial health of municipalities.

"Prices keep going up, but the pool of people that we can ask for money stays the same," Mayor Leone said. "Yorkville is not getting any bigger."

Leone fears that if the proposal goes down, taxes may have to go up, and services will be forced to be cut.

However, the loss of something as personal as how they are kept safe in their homes and village has many voters shaking their heads, 'no'.

"We have our own village, we should have a police department," says voter Frank Walczak.

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