DOT Stimulus funding was to create new jobs - did it?


(WKTV) - The near $800 billion stimulus package passed in congress nearly three months ago was designed to rebuild a lot, one main item - infrastructure.

We haven't seen a road project funded by stimulus money start as of yet - that won't begin until next week. Timetables for the other projects haven't been determined.

Replacing "bridge joints" along Interstate 790 will be the first stimulus related project. Vector Construction, a Cicero contractor says it's a small project that will be finished by July.

How will it impact local jobs, which is the stimulus' main purpose?

That company says its unlikely to hire temporary local workers.

A Western New York Company who will paint bridges like the one near Culver Avenue will use roughly a dozen local workers. Officials hope to see more job creation with numerous projects coming up.

"We have at least 8-9 more that are intended to be under construction later this Summer," said Bob Rice with the Department of Transportation.

Here's a look at the four projects receiving stimulus awards.

*Cleaning for 102 bridges in Oneida and Herkimer counties.
*Bridge painting 11 bridges in Oneida, Herkimer, and Montgomery Counties, including Culver Ave over Route 5S.
*Repairing sections of 790 in Utica.
*Paving 5A, Route 69 Whitestown, Rome.

Congressman Michael Arcuri released this statement regarding the stimulus, a bill he voted for:

"The recovery bill will create many new jobs, and has already preserved hundreds more and brought much needed funds for infrastructure and education construction back to our region," Arcuri said.

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