Teens getting creative when it comes to prom and prom spending


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - A recent survey reports that prom spending is on the rise with families expected to spend $1,078 on the night.

Around the area, many students were out Friday trying to find the perfect dress or tuxedo, but many said they feel that some of the big costs aren't something they need to spend money on.

"I plan on just going with a few of my buddies and my date, just driving to the prom, and having a good time not spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars," said Sauquoit Valley student Aaron Lopiccolo.

Many prom goers said they value their own money or trying to work within their parents' monetary limits.

"I've actually given her a budget that she has to stick within because $300 for a dress is just not reasonable," says Lisa Casey, whose daughter, Mackenzie attends Cicero North Syracuse High School.

Lisa Casey says her daughter has even gotten creative in order to stay within her budget.

"I babysit for a professional makeup artist, so she'll do my makeup, and I know my hairdresser really well," Mackenzie Casey said. "And I babysit for another lady and she's a photographer, so she'll do all the pictures."

While many designers bring in tuxedos and dresses with steep price tags, students say there are deals to be made with coupons and sales. Some stores are even trying to help parents out by not bringing in the expensive designs.

"You can bring in dresses for $700, $800, $900 dollars easily," said Denise Houck, owner of The Princess Shop in the New Hartford Shopping Center. "I do not bring them in at that price point. I try not to bring them in much over $400 at the most, because you put that dress out there that's $800 and, of course, it's absolutely amazing and beautiful, and then some little girl puts it on and her parents are trying to figure out how they're going to pay for that dress."

Whether it be a dress or a tuxedo that makes the big night right for a teen, many students say they don't think the extra costs are necessary.

"I'm a conservative kid. I don't like to just blow all my money in one night," Lopiccolo said. "I'll go. I'd rather drive than spend a lot of money on a limo for one night."

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