2013 Freshmen move in at Utica College


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Friday was fun for the students and difficult for the parents at Utica College move-in day, but with plenty of volunteers on hand, it made the transition as smooth as can be.

It's an incredible feeling of pulling up to a college and dropping your son or daughter off for the first time, but it was even better with all the help.

"You know what, I am so shocked because I didn't have this," said Lasone Kamp, a parent from Long Island. "This is incredible, this whole operation. They're so efficient, and the students helping, this is incredible. I mean incredible. I was really pretty surprised by that."

The students come from all over the country, and some from all over Oneida County, like Alyssa Camardo, a Utica College Freshmen from Whitesboro who was living on campus instead of at home.

"I don't know, it's more fun," she said of why she chose to live on campus. "I can enjoy the college life and be close to home at the same time."

And Alyssa's mom has some last minute words...

"She better keep those grades up, and do her own laundry for a change," said Dianna Camardo.

For some parents, the day is a mixed bag of emotions.

"It's extremely exciting," Kump said. "It make me reminisce about my college days, so I'm, like, psyched for him and I'm happy to have my house and his room is already mine now. It's exciting. I'm excited."

And what will this first weekend be like for all these teens?

"It's actually pretty memorable," said Maddie Christoff, a Junior at Utica College. "I remember my first weekend really well. They're going to make a ton of friends, friends they'll probably have for a lifetime"

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