Congressman Hanna speaks with students in Ilion about upcoming Academy Day

By WKTV News

ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Congressman Richard Hanna spent Monday afternoon doing a little bit of recruiting at Ilion Jr/Sr High School, seeking out any teenagers who may have an interest in a military career.

In order for a student to be considered for acceptance to a military academy, they must have the appointment of the sitting United States Representative from their district.

On Monday, Congressman Hanna told juniors at Ilion that it's important to be a well-rounded student, saying that academics need to be a priority as well as having a commitment to your community.

"It's important for the country to have the best and the brightest, most balanced, at the forefront of our military and these are the people who go to West Point and become presidents, generals," Congressman Hanna said. "They can do anything they want. They are the cream of the crop and that's what the military is looking for."

An Academy Day will be held on Saturday, June 9 at SUNYIT at 10 a.m. for any sophomores or juniors interested in military service.

Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine officials will be on hand to talk to the teens.

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