Frankfort-Schuyler voters reject school merger plan


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - By a final vote of 623 to 1123, the Frankfort-Schuyler school district was the only district to vote down the Herkimer County School merger.

The polls opened at 12:04pm and closed eight hours later, at 8:04pm. Voters came in by the dozens and kept a steady pace all day.

Superintendent Bob Reina says he is surprised, but happy at the turnout of voters today. He said this was the highest number of voters they've ever seen. In fact, some of the poll workers told NEWSChannel 2, there weren't this many voters for the presidential elections.

Reina also said that there is a lot of work that now needs to be done. Other options for the future need to be explored and difficult cuts will have to be made.

So between the two voting booths and the more than 50 absentee ballots, by a two to one margin, the community said, 'no!'

Superintendent Reina and Board President, Mike Button, said the committee should be thanked for the amount of work they've done.

Business will continue as usual on Friday and here on out. Now, it's coming up with other plans for the four districts; whether they start from scratch with a new merger plan or leave the idea of merging alone for now. Right now, Reina says, they have to focus on and develop the 2012-2013 budget.

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