Herkimer Superintendent: Consolidation should be brought up again


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Herkimer Schools Interim Superintendent says consolidation should be brought up again, with or without Frankfort in the mix.

Thursday night's school merger straw poll results showed consolidation is something many people in each of the four voting districts would like to see.

In Herkimer, 1020 people voted 'Yes' to merge the four Valley districts, Herkimer, Mohawk, Ilion and Frankfort-Schuyler, while 896 voted 'No'.

Herkimer Schools Interim Superintendent Gary Tutty says because of the amount of support for the merger, the issue should come up for a vote again in the future. He said, "If people really want this to happen, it's something we should consider."

The three districts that voted in favor of merging can revisit the issue a year from now if they choose to.

Tutty says he and the school board will get together Friday morning and talk about where the district will go from here. He said, "what we'll do is, we'll immediately get together and talk about what our next steps are going to be. One thing we can talk about is certainly our budget for next year. We have to start preparing that."

As far as whether Tutty thought there would be a district that might vote no, he said, he had no idea how the votes would go. He said, "I didn't, I didn't have a feel for any of the districts. I really didn't know. I thought that each district did a good job of trying to present the facts and I really didn't know."

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