Herkimer students take part in Mock Presidential Debate


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - With the Presidential election weeks away, America has watched Governor Romney and President Obama debate on TV.

On Wednesday, however, some local high school students got a chance to play the roles of the two candidates as students at Herkimer Junior Senior High School filled their auditorium for a mock presidential debate.

With security by their sides, high school seniors playing President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney challenged each other, each showing their own style and strategies.

"I'm going to try and connect with the audience as much as possible, a lot of talks about Herkimer football, because that's really big here and how we can support the football team, really," said James Lanza playing Governor Mitt Romney.

"I'm not going to talk about football as much," said John Waseleski as President Obama. "It's very important to the education system, but I'm going to actually talk about his policies and much of what he wants to do in these upcoming four years."

While James Lanza as Governor Mitt Romney chose dramatic effects to please the crowd, Waseleski was confident his homework would pay off.

"I have the policies to back it. I have the facts the statistics, where my counterpart, the Governor, doesn't have such facts," said Waseleski.

Herkimer students will cast their vote on who they think won the debate in class on Thursday.

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