New Scholarship Opportunities for Local Students


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica's Dollars for Scholars announced three new, major awards that will help high school seniors pay for college.

The new awards are from Utica Free Academy Alumni Association, American Association of University Women Mohawk Valley Branch and the Mele foundation.

Treasurer of Utica's Dollars for Scholars Bruce Brodsky says the community-based organizations are eager to help local students.

"I think a lot of people feel it's important to invest in the young people of our community and we receive awards from individual people who want to personally make a gift, and provide an award for a student (as well as) businesses, organizations and foundations," says Brodsky.

Brodsky says this year's scholarships range from $100 to a 4 year scholarship of $12,000 from the Mele foundation, broken into $3,000 increments if a student's grades are maintained.

"To us it's important instead of giving them one chunk of money up front ... we give them the increments over the 4 years and they have to maintain a B average," says Mele Foundation Vice President of Ecommerce Margaret Graniero. "It helps them appreciate it more and push them to do better so they continue to get the money."

2 Mele scholarships will go to Proctor high school seniors, the other two to Rome Free Academy seniors pursing higher education in science and math.

Last year Utica's Dollars for Scholars gave out over $24,000 in awards. Brodsky says this year he expects to give out over $40,000 worth of scholarships thanks to the new bigger awards.

"The best opportunity we can provide for young people is a higher education," says Brodsky. "And maybe if they know that locally people honor them by providing them awards they might feel it's important to stay here and contribute to the community as well."

Most of Utica Dollars for Scholars awards use the General UDFS Application Form available at
The deadline to apply for scholarships is April 10.

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