New workshop offered on Internet Safety


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - To help protect against the dangers of the digital age, the Airforce Research Lab in conjunction with Griffiss Institute and Exelis is sponsoring a new course called "Staying Safe Online." The first of the three workshops was held Tuesday night at Griffiss Institute.

The three hour information and training session is designed for parents and adults. It teaches them about threats, resources and tools to help them learn how to protect their family on the Internet and also to feel comfortable with their children using it.

"Part of the STEM program is to get more kids interested in science, technology, engineering and math, but the parents today don't understand the technology that we're asking the children to master," said Jeffrey Isherwood, Senior Computer Analyst for Exelis. "And frankly it can be a little scary at times so part of the idea behind the workshop is to empower parents that they understand the technology that we're asking their children to use and how to use it safely, responsibly, ethically."

The Griffiss Institute says about 80 people registered for the class.

The same workshop will also also be held May 14th and again in the fall.

You can register and find links to what was discussed at

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