REMSEN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Remsen Central Schools is one of nine school districts left in New York State to not have submitted a teacher evaluation agreement. The deadline for them to submit is January 17th. Interim Superintendent Carl Klossner says the plan is riding on a teacher contract that's been delayed due to transitions in the district. Klossner says the district's contract with teachers expired at the end of June, and had yet to be resolved when he came in as Superintendent in September. This along with a changed business's manager in the district created what he calls a "perfect storm" to delay an agreement between the district and teachers union which includes the new guidelines from the state. "There's always a degree of uncomfortableness because it's different, its not the same as it used to be so this whole process is going to be a different process that's been used in past years," said Klossner. The superintendent says teachers have always had to be evaluated, the only difference this year is the state's asking for more accountability, with money attached, money Klossner says for Remsen doesn't look like it's going to be a lot. "Very little, the last that are district superintendent spoke to me he said that it didn't appear that Remsen would receive any increase in state aid and that's what on the line so for us so we'll go on as we are we just have to have this plan in," said Klossner. The Remsen School District and Teachers Association are busy negotiating trying to reach an agreement to be able to submit a plan by the states January 17th deadline.