Laptop or the old fashioned paper and pencil?


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - With school quickly approaching, teachers and students are gearing up for 180 days of learning, bringing up a very important question: What is the best way for students to learn... laptop or the old fashioned paper and pencil?

Whether it is first grade or medical school both learning options are being used in the classroom and Patrice Hallock, a Utica College professor says they are each important, " It is a case by case basis...depends on objective of teacher and how the teacher wants to interact with the students. How they want to set up lesson, depends on students, the teacher and the lesson but technology in the classroom can be a useful tool."

Hallock also said that although kids may be distracted by social media and gaming online they can also tune out of a lesson when learning the old fashion way.

" It depends on how the teacher structures the lesson and how the students are engaged. There is nothing that prevents us, without laptops, prevents us from having students day dream. We have no control over that so there are lots of distractions in children's lives that can interfere w their learning even with out having a laptop."

Noah Sicouri, a five-year old first grader said he loves his I-pad although sometimes he gets distracted, "Sometimes when I am reading my Harry Potter books on there...I exit and just start playing games."

Noah's first grade teacher, Nicole Suppa said she enjoys using both methods in her classroom, "I like them both. There is definitely a blend where technology has real benefits with engagements but there still has to be pencil and paper, paper book atmosphere as well."

Either way the times are changing and it seems technology is here to stay.

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