Utica City School District proposes 88 staffing cuts in 2013-2014 budget

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Utica City School District announced a 2 percent tax increase and an elimination of 88 positions in its 2013-2014 proposed budget Tuesday night.

Of the positions slated to be cut, 54 of them are teaching positions. The cuts cover a deficit of about $6 Million, district officials said.

District Superintendent Bruce Karam said the blame lies with their growing district being severely underfunded by the state. He also said a charter school slated to open in the district is also to blame.

"With the recently approved charter school, we're looking at $1.8 million dollars in lost state aid, that we will have to pay to the charter schools," Karam said.

The district requested additional state aid and asked state representatives for help.

District officials said that for every $1 million in additional aid, they could restore 12 to 15 teaching positions.

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