Fourth graders plant flags at graves of U.S. Veterans


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - With just one week to go before Memorial day, some local youngsters spent their morning preparing for the upcoming holiday by honoring our veterans.

Fourth graders from New York Mills helped members of the VFW Post 6001 in Yorkville place U.S. Flags on the graves of United States Veterans buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery on Champlin Ave in Utica.

Officials with the VFW Post say they believe every time the youngsters pass a cemetery from now on, they will think of the many men and women buried there who served our country, so that we can all live the way that we do today.

The kids have helped the vets from Post 6001 place about 1,200 flags in this cemetery alone, since 1993.

"We're teaching the kids respect to honor the veterans, those who served their country and those who died for their country," said Joe Lopata of VFW Post 6001 in Yorkville.

The VFW Posts and American Legion Posts, together, put up flags before Memorial Day at cemeteries all across Central New York. They then take them down in the Fall to preserve them so the flags don't get ruined going through our harsh winter weather.

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