MetLife distributes school supplies to schools in need

By WKTV News

ORISKANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Ten local elementary schools were called to MetLife on Tuesday to pick up rulers, glue sticks, crayons and more.

Employees in the Oriskany office wanted to give back this year and set a goal to buy and donate 1,000 school items. 5,000 items were collected when all was said and done, all with the idea of helping every child start the school year off right.

"We put school names in a hat. They were voted for. We drew them randomly and there are ten elementary schools that are going to be receiving school supplies from this donation as well as Compassion Coalition out of Utica will receive a portion too, to donate thru their organization," said Heidi Shalna, School Supply Coordinator for the project.

Employees at this office even kept a scoreboard as the initiative made progress, and hope that next year can yield even bigger results.

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