Remington Elementary School holds its very last, last day of classes


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - As part of the Ilion-Mohawk school merger, Remington Elementary School in Ilion is closing.

Some students of the Pre-K through fourth graders will move to Barringer Road Elementary in Ilion while others will move to Fisher Elementary in Mohawk.

Teachers and staff of Remington will also be split among those two schools as well as other schools in the newly formed Central Valley Central School District.

That's why the last day of classes at Remington Elementary on Thursday was quite emotional.

There were plenty of smiles on the kids faces as they know the summer break is finally here, but for teachers and staff members, there were smiles, but also some sadness.

Secretary Joann Bonacci says she knows the merger is the best thing for both the Ilion kids and the Mohawk kids, but at the same time she says it is quite emotional.

"It's a good thing, but it's sad to say goodbye to everyone," Bonacci said.

Principal Jeremy Rich says the family type atmosphere at Remington is something he will never forget.

"The faculty, the staff, the children, it's a very special place," Rich said.

Although Thursday was the last day of classes for the kids, for the staff, their last day is on Friday.

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