Results in for Ilion-Mohawk School Board

(WKTV)- Voters in both Ilion and Mohawk took to the polls Wednesday to decide who will serve on the school board of the newly formed Ilion-Mohawk Central School District.

There were seven seats available and 21 people on the ballot.
The winners of the election are as follows:

- William Lennox of Ilion
- Vicki Judd of Mohawk.
- Stephen Coupe of Ilion
- Fred Schell of Mohawk
- Daniel LaLonde of Ilion
- Matthew Shedd of Ilion
- Walt Roginski of Mohawk

The candidates are listed in order of the number of votes they received. The top three will serve a term of three years, next two board members will serve two year terms, and the following two will each serve a term of one year.

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