Some schools voting on School Resource Officers


NEW YORK MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Among the various propositions being voted on at schools across the region Tuesday is a proposition to add a full-time School Resource Officer to the staff and the budget.

New York Mills School District is one of the school systems voting on such a proposition.

A School Resource Officer is a police officer who works at the school all day Monday through Friday. They become integrated into the lives of the students and their purpose is not only security but they are part of crisis, health and safety teams that assist with lockdowns and safety planning.

New York Mills Superintendent Kathy Houghton says that a part-time Resource Officer has currently been on the staff, but that it would be beneficial for her K-12 students to see a full-time officer daily.

"I think a School Resource Officer is part of a team that helps to develop a safe and secure environment conducive to learning," Houghton said. "And although we will do our best to maintain a safe and secure environment, whether or not voters decide if we should have a full time officer, that person has special training, can work collaboratively with faculty and staff, help students and will allow us to make an even better and secure environment for our school community."

If implemented, New York Mills residents will see half a percent added to a spending plan proposal to hike taxes 2.7 percent.

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