Students compete in Annual State History Day


COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - 450 kids from around the state were competing Monday at the Annual State History Day competition at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown.

From New Hartford to Buffalo, the students dressed to impress, brought their families and friends and all awaited in much anticipation to learn their fate about who would be the winner of this years competition.

In honor of History Day each year, starting in the fall months, these students who are in middle school and high school pick a topic of their choice. Some of the topics Monday included Gettysburg, The Road To Women's Rights and even The History of Television.

Garet Livermore, the Vice President of Education at the NY State Historical Association in Cooperstown believes this competition is about more then just winning.

"These students projects are really instrumental in them getting into college or getting credit for that," Livermore said. "These students get their work in academic journals, had their exhibits on display in local museums, their documentaries are put on cable TV so they see success in a variety of different ways not just here at the competition."

The day started with 100 judges going from project to project in a separate room from the kids. They collaborated to decide whose project is best based on aspects like writing, accuracy and research.

The students were excited but a bit nervous. They all had hopes to win and compete in the upcoming national competition in College Park, Maryland.

Senator Seward also stopped by to announce that he was able to obtain one hundred thousand dollars, which is part of the state budget, that will be donated to keep New York participating in this history day annually.

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