Monday, December 22, 2014

Students vote on merged district's new name

ILION & MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - The merged Ilion Mohawk School District is on it's way to deciding their official name. Students grades 4 through 11 voted Wednesday. They will next vote on the school's colors and mascot.

The district is currently called the Ilion Mohawk Central School District. Wednesday students voted on three options, Mohawk Valley Academy, Central Valley Academy, or keep the Ilion Mohawk Central Schools name.

Six students from Mohawk, six from Ilion who are part of an Identity Team came up with the options. They're also coming up with options for a school mascot and colors however first the school's name is of top priority.

The district's board of education and superintendent thought leaving the decision up to the students was best.

"They haven't had a formal say in any aspect of this merger and in the end this is all about them, it's all for them and they are the ones that are going to wear the uniforms, they're the ones that are going to walk across the stage, they're the ones that are going to perform in concerts and I believe that it's really totally their decision," said Cosimo Tangorra, Superintendent for Ilion Mohawk Central School District.

The winning name will be sent to the New York State Department of Education for approval. They hope to know the name next week.

The 12 students on the Identity Team are working closely with a Mohawk graduate named Hal Heffner who's now a graphic artist in Los Angeles, he's volunteering his expertise to work with the students on all of this sending them options, even skyping in on meetings.