Victim of tragic graduation day crash now teaching students to put the phone down when driving

By WKTV News

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - A young woman who lost both her parents in a car crash caused by another driver on his cell phone is now spreading the word about the dangers of distracted driving.

On May 18, 2008, Jacy Good and her family gathered at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania to celebrate her graduation. Following the ceremony, as Jacy and her parents headed home, a young driver talking on a cell phone ran a red light, causing a tractor-trailer to swerve and crash into the Goods' vehicle.

Both of Jacy's parents were killed instantly and Jacy Good was hospitalized with critical injuries, not expected to survive. While she eventually did survive, her live was forever changed.

Now, Jacy Good is a nationally recognized speaker and advocate on cell phone distracted driving.

At Whitesboro High School on Monday afternoon, Jacy Good spoke to students, urging them with her own story of tragedy to pay attention, and hang up the phone before they drive.

She says as she speaks to groups all over the country, it's a goal of hers to get one person in each audience to hang up.

"When you're on the road, you need to pay attention to driving," Jacy Good said. "There is no phone call, no text message, no Facebook update that's more important than the lives of the people in the cars around you on the road. That's what it comes down to."

Jacy wears a sign that reads "my handicaps were caused by a driver talking on a cell phone."

On Monday, she also spoke at VVS and Chittenango High Schools.

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