iLearn: Poland classroom gets to use iPads

POLAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - Chalkboards seem to be a thing of the past in modern classrooms, and now interactive smartboards aren't the biggest hit at Poland Elementary School. The newest thing are iPads in one of the school's third grade classroom.

Barbara Brinck's classroom was chosen to be given iPads to use in the learning process.

Principal Chris Clancy said, "Third grade is really kind of a tipping point at school where kids move from a dependent to independent stage. We know we could train them to using these are learning tools and ultimately they could use them independently."

Mrs. Brinck said, "On a daily basis, it makes them more excited to come to school. They can't wait to get here, they like to know what are we doing, when do we work with the iPads, can we work on our projects? That's what I get greeted with at the door."

The iPads also help in the teaching process, according to the school. Mrs. Brinck can give her class a review quiz, and the results can be brought up immediately on the smartboard.

Brinck said, "Now, I know by looking at the quiz, I can look at the results. I can see I taught this and they know it or gee, I have to go back and spend some more time on that."

The third grade class shares with two other classes and all subjects get a chance to be taught via the tablet device.

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