Students hit classroom before the open road in motorcycle class


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Schools out for the summer for a lot of students, but for some, summer school is about to start and one group that was eager to be in the classroom were students at Mohawk Valley Community College.

There is a little urge in all of us to get out and look for adventure on a motorcycle, but first, heading for this classroom is really the best way to learn the safest way of riding.

The 12 students taking the course were lectured and tested on the physics of their rides, safety and overall operation. The two-day class at MVCC does not promise to make them experts.

"(It is) designed to give you the tools that you're capable to go out and practice on the street and have the knowledge to be able to correct your own mistakes," said Lynne Vadewater, President and Instructor.

And mistakes on bikes can be costly.

"The majority of crashes actually involve the motorcyclist messing up while cornering and don't involve another vehicle," Vadewater said.

In the parking lot, students will apply and practice what they learned in the classroom for hours for a very good reason - safety.

The two-day class includes the use of a motorcycle, helmet and text. You supply the long pants, gloves and boots along with your desire.

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