Three daughters, three different colleges, three graduations


CHADWICKS, N.Y. (WKTV) - One Chadwicks family will soon have three 2012 graduates. Despite having three daughters of different ages and different colleges, Warren and Linda Mundrick's daughters will all be graduating the same year.

Despite the financial burden three graduates may put on a family, their parents are all smiles.

"Well, you have the anxieties of 'oh my gosh, three girls in college,' you know, with the finances and what not, but we, we couldn't be prouder," says their father Warren Mundrick.

Ashley is graduating with a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Lindsay is graduating from SUNY Oneonta with a Criminal Justice degree and Marissa will be getting a Culinary Arts degree from MVCC.

Their parents say their diverse degrees go with how different each young woman is.

"They have different personalities, they have different outlooks and different ways of approaching things," says their mother, Linda Mundrick.

Despite all the girls being two years apart, the parents say their daughters are all very close and think it's each of their daughters' hard work that helped push each one along.

"Even though they're siblings, I think there was a little bit of competition there, 'If my older sister can do it, I certainly can,' says Linda. "And the youngest one had to make sure she showed up as much as the other two showed up."

After seeing the three go through their early education and then Sauquoit Valley High School, Linda and Warren can't wait to see the three venture into their careers.

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