USC Graduates ready to advance their careers with business degrees


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica School of Commerce's Class of 2012 filled Hart's Hill Inn Thursday to receive their Associate's Degree in Business. The over 150 graduates studying different business programs and of different ages, but all deciding it was their time to advance their career.

"I did have a career earlier in my life but then I decided to stay home with my children as they were growing up," says graduate Laurie Martin. "Now one's out of college and one's in college and now it's mom's turn."

Despite being one of the oldest in her class, Laurie has now pursued what's been a dream of hers, adding a college degree to her resume, and learning skills that she says are taking her to the next level.

"It was really neat one day when my supervisor said, 'Hey Laurie, come here!' And he was trying to put a title into one of his charts in the Excel program and I was able to help out with that," says Laurie.

USC's Executive Vice President of Academics Dr. Daniel Murphy believes it's the school's small class sizes and applied programs that attracts students to it, giving them the tools to compete in today's world.

"The stats show us that students or graduates who have a degree are better positioned in the workforce than those who don't have them," says Dr. Murphy. "And it's not just the monetary advantage that they'll enjoy over their lifetime, but it also has to do with a better informed citizenry and a better educated populous to drive the economic engine of the Mohawk Valley."

Based on an agreement signed this year, USC graduates with a GPA of 2.0 or higher can now transfer all their credits to SUNY Alfred to continue their education there and receive their Bachelor of Business Administration.

This year's Commencement Speaker was Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi.

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